Death Care Law


The Death Care Law Practice Group’s experience is broad and provides specific industry-related legal assistance and consultation regarding government approvals, environmental and land use issues, industry compliance at the local, state and federal levels, business operations document preparation, sales transactions, business mergers, litigation representation, drafting legislation and consultation including expert witness and mediation services, estate and succession planning for the industry as well as personal tax matters.


Members of the Practice Group are:  Harvey I. Lapin, Of Counsel and Practice Group Co-Chair who is a nationally recognized death care industry lawyer and counsel to the Illinois Cemetery and  Funeral Home Association; Ross McVoy, Senior Counsel and Practice Group Co-Chair, who has practiced Death Care Law since 1988 as well as environmental and land use matters; Andre Parke, Associate Counsel focusing on transactions and government regulatory matters; and Ele Zachariades, Associate Counsel specializing in land use and urban planning.


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