Would Assessment Amendments Benefit your Association?

Located within most associations’ governing documents are provisions that benefit mortgage holders including, typically, provisions that make association liens inferior to first mortgage liens. Often these provisions state that foreclosure sale purchasers are not responsible for paying assessments that came due before such purchasers obtain title. In contrast, the Florida Statutes affecting both homeowners’ associations […]

Florida Homeowners Association Suspension Laws 2015

As discussed in last month’s column Florida homeowners association suspension and fine laws have changed in 2015. The House Bill 791 (“HB 791″) was signed by the Governor of Florida and will become effective July 1, 2015. HB 791 presents several changes to both the Condominium and Homeowners Association Acts, including changes relating to the […]

2015 Electronic Voting Association Changes

As many of you know, the 2015 legislative regular session has concluded. Several laws affecting condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners associations were passed this year, the most relevant and important to associations being HB 791. Over the course of the next several months, we will be discussing some of the relevant changes to association law which […]

Benefits of Additional Insured Certificates Condo Associations

Whether at a condominium or homeowners’ association, managing contractors and vendors is an essential element of operating the community, whether those companies are working directly for the association, or doing work inside a lot or unit. You may have had your attorney advise you to not only get a certificate of insurance from the company, […]

55 & Over Communities Requirements

Florida is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of 55 year old and over communities. A “55 and over” community is defined as housing that is intended and operated for occupancy by persons 55 years of age or older.   As such, if a community meets specific requirements, as mandated under federal and state laws, it […]

Membership Meetings & Official Records Legal Updates

As many of you are aware, there were a number of changes in the law adopted by the Florida Legislature in the 2014 session, some of which we have addressed in previous monthly columns. This column will address some of the more important changes in the law that relate to official records as well as […]

Case to Allow Restrictive Endorsements on Payments

A new case out of Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal could have very significant consequences for Florida’s condominiums and homeowner’s associations, and the way they process payments from owners. The case deals with restrictive endorsements—messages on a check, or sent with a check, that purport to create a settlement of all debt owed to […]

New Legislation Association Emergency Powers

As we are now in the midst of hurricane season, it is important to consider how an association may conduct business in the event that a state of emergency is declared. Several years ago, the Condominium Act was amended to give condominium boards certain emergency powers that could be used in the event that the […]

Community Association Managers Legal Update

The 2014 Florida legislative session concluded last month with a number of new laws affecting community associations, including community association managers. One of the most highly discussed changes relates to Chapter 468, Fla. Stat., governing the types of activities that a community association manager or community association management firm may perform as part of its […]

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