Covid Order 2020-012: Associations

          As many of you may know, Palm Beach County has issued Order 2020-012 to mandate the wearing of face masks throughout the County. At this time, based upon our review of the Order, and the information currently available, we advise that any association with an open indoor facility, clubhouse, recreation center or the like, should mandate that all people that enter the building be wearing a mask. It is likely that employees who are limiting their movements to an office with no interactions with any other person may not be required to wear a mask. However, if there is any interaction between people within an association building, all participants are required to wear a mask.

          For outdoor common areas or common elements, a mask is not required IF social distancing is possible AND followed. The County has placed the burden on the respective establishment, including community associations, to ensure compliance with this order, or face the possibility of fines. There are several exceptions to the mask requirement, including while exercising, for religious reasons, or for medical reasons. We think that some owners may begin to express a medical basis to be exempt from the mask requirement, however, that does not exempt that person from maintaining proper social distancing, which the association should insist upon.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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