South Florida Attorneys Peter and Maria Sachs Travel to Italy, to Speak to Law Students at Univ. of Naples Federico II

Maria and Peter Sachs

BOCA RATON , FL, USA, September 19, 2022 Peter Sachs, Board Certified Attorney and Founding Partner of Sachs Sax Caplan, P.L., a Boca Raton based law firm, and Maria Sachs, Palm Beach County Commissioner, Former Florida State Senator, and Criminal Defense Attorney, were hosted by the American Studies Center of Naples earlier this month in Naples, Italy, where they jointly spoke with Law Students at the University of Naples Federico II in Naples, Italy. Established in 1224, the University of Naples Federico II is the oldest public nonsectarian university in the world, and among the largest three in Italy in terms of faculty.

The Sachs’ presented on a range of topics including the role of law and lawyers in the United States; a historical perspective connecting Italian to United States law; Florida condo law (its origins being tied to ancient Roman law); criminal law and the influence of media; and the business of running a law firm. Both Peter and Maria Sachs also shared their personal journeys. Peter speaking on his background as a first-generation immigrant with origins in a refugee camp just after the Holocaust and his beginnings as an attorney, and Maria, with Neapolitan origins, beginning her career in the service of Janet Reno, who later became the first woman to hold the position of U.S. Attorney General.

“It was an honor to have the opportunity to address an audience of young aspiring Italian lawyers and speak about my personal experience leading Sachs Sax Caplan, a firm I founded five decades ago, as well as being a pioneer in Condominium and Community Association Law in Florida,” said Peter Sachs. “Maria and I are committed to future collaborative efforts with the faculty and the students here at the University of Naples Federico II.”

Maria Sachs added: “I have always thought that my Neapolitan origins have constituted an advantage in my forensic and political career. This meeting with the students at University of Naples Federico II confirmed it. In the eyes of the students, as well as in their questions and observations, I found that same intelligence and curiosity that is typical of Neapolitan people. We were both very impressed by the students’ intellectual vivacity and hope we will be able to continue to partner with the students and the University.”

The event was promoted by the Delegate for the Internationalization of the Faculty of Law, Professor Amedeo Arena, who also served as moderator of the event. It was sponsored by the American Studies Center of Naples, a cultural association founded in 1957 and recognized by Decree of the President of

the Italian Republic in 1959. “Initiatives such as these are extremely important for promoting the knowledge of Italian culture and the United Station,” said Professor Alfredo Del Monte, member of the Board of Directors of the American Studies Center of Naples. “Our Association hopes that other similar events may occur in the future.”

Professor Arena added: “In the field of legal sciences, the link between the University and the United States is strengthened year after year, thanks to cooperation agreements currently in force with top-level American schools. Our hope is that, also thanks to our American guests, these collaborations can intensify and multiply for the benefit of our young people.”


Peter Sachs, Maria Sachs, Amedeo Arena


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