SSC Land Use Team Announces Client Project in Downtown Boynton Beach

Sachs, Sax Caplan, through its land use team, is proud to announce that on November 30, 2021, its client, Affiliated Development Group, was chosen as the approved developer for the mixed use project that is to be the centerpiece of the resurgent downtown Boynton Beach. As a mixed-use project with 236 apartments, it establishes the neighborhood of “E Bo,” that is, “East Boynton Beach.” The project will include relocating the iconic Hurricane Alley restaurant and well as working with a host of existing business and residents in providing basic services to the area. A substantial number of the apartments will be affordable units pursuant to local regulations. This project fits with the work the land use team did in connection with the new Boynton Beach City Hall and saving the historic Boynton Beach High School which is on its civic campus. Sachs Sax Caplan looks forward to additional challenging opportunities rebuilding the neighborhoods that others might consider passed-by. Working in those area empowers sustainable growth as well as adding to the supply of affordable housing. Please reach Michael S. Weiner, Esq. for your land use needs.

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