Membership Meetings & Official Records Legal Updates
Monthly Column
As many of you are aware, there were a number of changes in the law adopted by the Florida Legislature in the 2014 session, some of which we have addressed in previous monthly columns. This column will address some of the more important changes in the law that relate to official records as well as those changes relating to both board and membership...
Case to Allow Restrictive Endorsements on Payments
Monthly Column
A new case out of Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal could have very significant consequences for Florida’s condominiums and homeowner’s associations, and the way they process payments from owners. The case deals with restrictive endorsements—messages on a check, or sent with a check, that purport to create a settlement of all debt owed to t...
New Legislation Association Emergency Powers
Monthly Column
As we are now in the midst of hurricane season, it is important to consider how an association may conduct business in the event that a state of emergency is declared. Several years ago, the Condominium Act was amended to give condominium boards certain emergency powers that could be used in the event that the Governor declared a state of emergency...
Community Association Managers Legal Update
Monthly Column
The 2014 Florida legislative session concluded last month with a number of new laws affecting community associations, including community association managers. One of the most highly discussed changes relates to Chapter 468, Fla. Stat., governing the types of activities that a community association manager or community association management firm m...
Importance of Contract Review
Monthly Column
In the course of business, every corporation, including community associations, must enter into dozens of contracts for services and materials, some of which relate only to a single project, and some of which may continue for many years (bulk cable contracts being the most typical example). And, with so many contracts and providers, it’s inevitable...


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