HOA Elections and the Nomination Process

HOA homeowners elections and nominations

For many years, under HOA law (Chapter 720, Florida Statutes), there was a requirement that HOAs take nominations from the floor at their annual meeting. This put many people at disadvantage because if there was another nomination process prior to the annual meeting, people could put their name in advance and campaign for votes to the disadvantage of those who would later nominate themselves from the floor. 

With condominium associations, as distinct from HOAs, you were not permitted to nominate yourself from the floor as the statute (Chapter 718, Florida Statutes) prohibits floor nominations. However, with HOAs, there was always a requirement to allow such nominations. Several years ago, Chapter 720 was amended to state that if an HOA’s election process took nominations prior to the annual meeting, you would not be required to take nominations from the floor on the date of the meeting (Section 720.306(9)(a)).

The statute does not really define what it means by “election process”. Therefore, our interpretation up until recently had been that the board could adopt procedures or rules identifying an election process to take nominations prior to the annual meeting. Recently, some recent arbitration decisions ruled that the HOA’s election process must actually be spelled out in the HOA’s governing documents, such as the bylaws. 

Therefore, if you are an HOA, and you wish to be able to have nominations taken prior to the annual meeting so that you are not required to take additional nominations from the floor, you must make sure that your bylaws or your governing documents spell that process out expressly, as opposed to only having board-adopted election procedures. 

Since we are entering into the time of the year where many HOA’s are going through their elections, it is our recommendation that you consult with your HOA attorney to make sure that your governing documents and your election materials have a pre-call for candidates. If it is not, we recommend that you amend your documents to confirm that your election process is run in accordance with Chapter 720 and with your HOA documents moving forward.

Steven G. Rappaport

Steven G. Rappaport is a Partner in the Community Associations Practice Group. Mr. Rappaport handles transactional matters for the firm’s community association clients, including drafting amendments to governing documents, attending Board meetings and elections, handling covenant enforcement disputes, and providing opinions on all aspects of association issues. Learn more including how to work with him here. 


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